Assisting with unexpected/emergency vet bills.

Dolce Gabana, a 5 year old Australian Shepherd, is recovering from an emergency surgery.  He had to have his right kidney removed due to a giant blood clot.  Without the emergency surgery he would not have lived.  The Fonzie Foundation was able to give a grant along with Frankies Friends to assist in covering a portion of the very expensive surgery.  Dolce's kidney removal took place at the Blue Pearl  Specialty and Emergency Medicine for Pets  Get Well Soon, sweet Dolce! xoxo

Bella, was a 12 year old Shih Tzu.  She provided love and support to her mom. On one occasion Bella had warned her of an upcoming seizure.  Bella wasn't a trained service dog, she just sensed her mom's chemistry had somehow changed.

Bella received a Fonzie Foundation grant to help with her complications from severe diabetes.  Unfortunately, Bella crossed the rainbow bridge a few days after visiting the veterinarian.  Her mom wanted to make sure that we knew how grateful she was that she was given a chance to save Bella.  Below is the email she sent to update us on her circumstances.

I just wanted to share with you what happened after Bella passed away May 8, when I left there I went back to my sister's house in Sarasota, broken, lost and in despair I cried out to the Lord for His help and His understanding. I was sitting on the porch crying and then a rainbow appeared on my leg. I knew it was a sign from the Lord to me about Bella but at the the time I did not quite know what it meant until this morning. I just got home from the hospital yesterday, where they ran all kinds of test on me for the seizures I was experiencing. I was at Morton Plant for 4 days from May 18- May 21st, an appointment that I was going to cancel because I did not want to leave Bella. But with Bella passing I experienced another bad seizure and knew that I needed to go, so I did.During my time there the doctors found out that it was one of the medications I was on that was causing the seizures. Bella not only saved my life while she was here with me but she saved my life in her leaving. This morning I got a letter from the animal care clinic,  I opened it  and there was a poem called "Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge". The Lord gave me a sign from above where Bella was and confirmed that sign through the poem I read today. Again, I want to tell you thank you for all your kindness, love, and mercy that you showed Bella and me. Please feel free to share this letter because it shows that the Lord does care about all of us, His children and His animals.